If Love Grew on Trees…

I have been longing to write more but been neglectful in finding the time to do so. The other day as I was driving down Capitol St. in Jackson, MS, I had the epiphany that I needed a “writing accountability partner”! This thought was immediately followed by, “is that a real thing?!?” Come to find out, it IS a thing. Great! So I reached out to my talented friend Obbie West, who is one of the most disciplined writers I know, to beg him to help me write more. In addition to being a poet, entrepreneur and working a 9 – 5, he came onboard to help me whip my inconsistent pen into shape.
My first writing prompt: if love grew on trees. When I read the assignment from him, my first thought was about how poetic and romantic it sounded. I immediately wanted to write a poem, but that would’ve been too easy. I decided to take my random thoughts to my blog “marandom.blog” that I’ve been avoiding for months now.
What IF love grew on trees? My initial thoughts were fluffy and about the stereotypes associated with love. Which to be honest, mostly comes from a catalog of forced Valentines Day marketing: a rat race to find a card that perfectly articulated your feelings coupled with roses and kind gestures. I initially think of heart-shaped balloons and boxes of chocolate attached to teddy bears. (Do grown women still accept teddy bears as gifts?). I’m not sure, but I would imagine that February is a pretty profitable month for these plush toy factories and for chocolate companies. And ironically since chocolate does come from trees, maybe just maybe love does too, especially according to February and my taste buds. I mean if I’m being honest here, my body does positively react to chocolate. Mmmm.
But if love grew on trees would we appreciate it? Or would we neglect and misuse it because we don’t understand its value? I probably pass by hundreds of trees a day and never notice them. They’re so familiar that I honestly take them for granted… never thinking about how they benefit me or make my life better. I have yet to take a moment to think about the depth and beauty they possess. Better yet, I’ve never really even thought about how trees are the reason we are alive. They provide us with oxygen. I’m sure that’s in a Valentine’s Day card somewhere! “You, my love, give me life! You are the air I breathe!” But seriously, trees take in carbon dioxide and give us life, and we never take a moment to appreciate not one damn tree. My house is surrounded by them.
Recently I picked up meditation, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. It has helped me to become more mindful and aware of not only myself but of things around me, like trees. It has calmed my negative energy and increased my gratitude tremendously. To conclude this ramble, I am grateful for every tree that has been keeping me alive. What started out as a question, “What if love grew on trees,” is undoubtedly the answer. In actuality, love does come from them, one breath at a time. What higher expression of love could one desire? It is a miracle in itself, and while I vow to not turn into a tree-hugging hippie, I will be sure to nod in appreciation the next time I’m in the presence of a loving tree.
Photo Credit: “Red Love Heart Tree” HDWallpapers (www.hdwallpapers.in)

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