There are a lot of random things I can rattle off about myself and what I’ve accomplished in life. But I think it would be more interesting to tell you the things I’m most proud of and let you figure out the rest. Or maybe I’ll list a few random things at the end of this “About Me Rant.” Either way here goes.

I am proud that “The Kid” calls me “mommy.” I actually enjoy being a parent more than I admit. Somehow I was blessed with a loving, thoughtful and super smart son whose real name is Daniel, but don’t tell anyone. Secondly I’m proud that people come to me for help or advice. I take so much pride in being a soft shoulder to people. I have always believed that people were my calling. I just had to figure out the blueprint for my purpose. Those two top the list and mean the world to me. Everything else is just part of the journey.

Here are some other things I’ve done:

  • Radio host off and on since 2003
  • Creator of a consistently successful open mic since 2013: @synergynights
  • Brand and career manager to Comedienne Rita Brent: @ritabrentcomedy
  • Artist and Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • CEO of Maranda J Foundation/Production (Nonprofit)
  • Event Creator
  • Writer
  • Published Poet

Pull up a chair and stay a while.